Our website is a great place to learn about curriculum, read our mission and philosophy and discover all a Holy Child education offers. However the best way to get to know us is to visit. Our campus is a vibrant place where children are engaged in their learning and smiles abound. At 7:55 am Mayfield Junior School students run toward our school entrance ready to learn and grow.

As a Holy Child school, Mayfield Junior School embraces the development of the integrated, whole child. The journey Mayfield students experience throughout kindergarten through eighth grade allows them to discover their individual strengths and become caring leaders, fully engaged and prepared for the next phase in their lives.

There is so much happening on our campus, please sign up for an Open House and Tour and see for yourself why our community calls us, MJS - Most Joyful School.

I look forward to meeting your family,

Lauren Marlis
Director of Enrollment
I had no idea what this place would mean to my family when we started our Mayfield journey. In a world of constant change, Mayfield is a “living” institution that strives to educate our children with the warm embrace of custom and tradition while staying on the cutting edge of academic methods and technology."  

~ MJS parent