Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Togetherness in Faith, Heart, and Spirit

We hope you enjoyed Virtual Grandparents and Special Friends Day at MJS! Our students love sharing their school with the special people in their lives.

If you participated in the day’s events, please don’t forget to sign our virtual guestbook and share a special memory!

Family Activities

Templates and materials for suggested family activities can be found below. Please keep in mind that this is a full day of school for students. We hope families will find ways to connect throughout the day and recommend planning with your students and grandparents/special friends ahead of time to coordinate activities.

List of 10 items.

  • Words from the Heart: Write a Letter to Grandparents and Special Friends

    Write a letter to a grandparent and/or special friend and send it to them in the mail.
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  • Words from the Heart: Write a Letter to you MJS Students

    Write a letter to your grandchild(ren) and/or special friends and send it to them in the mail.
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  • Send Virtual Love

    Take a picture of you forming a heart with your hands or fingers.
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  • Made with Love: Document a Family Recipe

    Choose a favorite family recipe to document!
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  • Craft from the HEART

    Use your creativity to make a craft from the heart!
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  • Framed Photo

    We will all miss the photo booth this year! Frame a picture to mail or to give to your loved ones the next time you see them.
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  • Send Virtual Flowers

    Take a picture of flowers and email it to your grandparent and/or special friend.
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  • Write a Family Prayer

    Write a family prayer together!
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  • Play Games Together on Zoom

    Set a time to meet on Zoom and play a fun game together.
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  • Back in my Day‚Ķ

    Interview a grandparent or special friend!
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Mass Recording

Support Mayfield Junior School

Grandparents play a vital role in our community as loving supporters of our students and their education. Each year grandparents contribute nearly $100,000 to the Mayfield Annual Fund, supporting the programs and experiences that make a Mayfield education special.

Thank you in advance for your support.