Honoree Mass

Celebrating the Service and Legacy of Joseph J. Gill, Headmaster

On Sunday, May 19 over 600 alumni, parents of alumni, students, current parents and friends filled the Greg Smith Memorial Gymnasium to honor retiring headmaster, Joseph J. Gill and present him with the title of Faculty Emeritus. From the joyful voices of the choir and the heartfelt reflections of those presenting to the overwhelming feeling of community, it was a wonderful event.

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Joseph J. Gill's tenure as headmaster is best exemplified by his unwavering commitment to Holy Child education and dedication to every student. His influence on the growth and progress of our school program and our community is far-reaching because of his continual focus on creating and reinforcing a learning environment that first and foremost impacts the children. Joe’s first question and the one he consistently inspired us all to answer was always "What is best for the students?"

Joe’s commitment to every student has been consistent throughout his more than 40 years in education. As a coach, mentor, advisor, teacher and leader his impact has been felt by generations of students across the country. His many experiences led him to Mayfield Junior School, where his personal values and our Holy Child philosophy aligned reigniting his passion for education.

Cornelia Connelly's instruction to “meet the wants of the age” is fulfilled daily at Mayfield Junior School. Today's students experience a thoughtfully crafted academic program that prepares them for high school and beyond. All areas of the curriculum are stronger due to a focus on professional development and student-centric teaching and learning. Students benefit from a state-of-the-art D-Lab and playground, and thoroughly enjoy coming to a school that is reflective of the world they will help lead.

Joe's desire to contribute to a welcoming, joyous and inclusive One Mayfield community is noteworthy. He has guided our Strategic Design and Master Planning, setting the stage for Mayfield’s future success. He has led the renovation of our Holy Child Chapel, substantially grown our Endowment and financial resources and enhanced the commitment to faculty through increased compensation and access to professional development opportunities. Whether reinforcing what it means to be an MJS student in the Student Pledge, creating new and innovative faculty and staff roles or creating access for more families to experience Mayfield by expanding financial assistance, Joe's vision has touched every part of our community.

Thank you, Mr. Gill, for your leadership, your commitment to every child, every day and 11 years of dedication to the Mayfield community.

Faculty Emeritus Recipients

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  • The Faculty Emeritus Designation

    Mayfield Junior School of the Holy Child Jesus has been blessed with teachers, staff and administrators, both Sisters and lay professionals, who have inspired generations of students and shepherded the school to be joy-filled, spiritual and academically challenging. These individuals have imparted the Holy Child philosophy and have touched the lives of students and their families. The Faculty Emeritus honor recognizes those whose service to the school is most noteworthy.
  • 2019

    Former Headmaster, Joseph J. Gill
  • 2018

    John Higgins
    Lucy Malarkey, SHCJ
  • 2017

    Elena Hermanson
    Kathy Holtsnider
  • 2016

    Stephen Bloodworth
    Jill Brown
    Averyl Thielen
  • 2015

    Dorothy Halpin
    Patrice Peck
    Teresa Reichert
  • 2014

    Former Heads of School 1931-2008
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Alumni Holy Child Award Recipients

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  • The Alumni Holy Child Award

    This honor is bestowed to a graduate who has distinguished him or herself in accordance with Holy Child education and Catholic values.
  • 2015

    Cameron Nutt ’03
  • 2017

    Mary Ellen Jebbia ’02
  • 2018

    Chris Kirby ’90

Family Recognition Award Recipients

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  • The Family Recognition Award

    Honoring active support of the Mayfield Junior School mission, dedication to Holy Child values and embodiment of our motto, “Actions not Words.”
  • 2018

    The Schlueter-Jones Family
  • 2016

    The W. Conn Family
    The P. Wood Family