Our Rich Traditions

Mayfield Junior School is rich in traditions that preserve and strengthen our core values. These traditions build community, challenge students to be leaders, encourage creativity and reinforce the importance of honor and integrity.
School Families
As a Holy Child School, one of Mayfield’s goals is “To deepen an understanding of Christian community.” Through School Families, the students at Mayfield Junior School live this goal. Each School Family is comprised of one student from each grade level, beginning in first grade, with an eighth grade student as the head of family. The families gather on Friday mornings for an organized meeting and remain a family unit throughout the school year, often sitting together during a mass or special assembly or competing on the same team for Blue & White Day. As the head of family, each eighth grader is responsible for gathering the family members together and including each member in any discussion, project or prayer. School Families also actively participate in fundraising and outreach projects at Mayfield. At Christmas, each Mayfield School Family adopts a family in need through the Good Shepherd Shelter, collecting gifts for each member of that family. The success of this project every year truly demonstrates the commitment and responsibility each eighth grader learns through the program.

Mass of the Holy Spirit
Early in the school year, the student body gathers to celebrate the start of the year and to officially induct the new student council. Members of the student council from the last graduating class return for the occasion and participate in the ceremony.

Harvest Festival

Organized by the eighth grade class and run completely by students, the Harvest Festival is an afternoon of family, food and fun to benefit the Reach Out Program. Usually scheduled right around Halloween, the festivities include a raffle, cake walk, costume parade and haunted house.

Christmas Nativity Play

Since the early 1930’s, our Kindergarten class has re-told the story of the first Christmas in a charming live performance.

Stations of the Cross
On Holy Thursday, the sixth grade class presents a dramatic live version of the Stations of the Cross for the entire school.

Blue and White Day
One day in May is reserved for a little good-natured competition. The entire school--students, faculty, staff and administration-- is divided into two teams, each representing one of the school’s colors, blue or white, and participate in crazy games, an obstacle course relay and grade level tugs-of-war. Score is kept and at the end of the day a winning team is announced.