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List of 18 frequently asked questions.

  • Does my child need to wear a uniform during Remote Learning?

    No. Please follow the guidelines for Free Dress in the Parent/Student Handbook.
  • When will we know our child’s cohort and teacher?

    We will send out the cohort, teacher’s name, and schedule the week of August 24.
  • How will we get supplies?

    Supply drive-thru events will be scheduled for each grade level. Dates and times TBD.
  • How will new students get help being integrated into the community?

    We have several events in which we will orient and welcome new students into our community (virtually at first). Invitations for these events will go out in the upcoming week.
  • Will there be a Kindergarten Orientation?

    We are planning a Kindergarten Orientation for students and families the week of August 24. Dates TBA.
  • How will learning support (and counseling) work during this year?

    The Student Support Team will work in consultation with teachers and parents during this unique year.
  • How long is the school day in Remote?

    The remote school day is 3.5 hours of instructional activities that we have standardized in terms of start times. The K-4 day begins at 9:00am and participates in homeroom instructional activities in short intervals with a teacher present. The school day breaks at lunch for 30 minutes and officially ends after a short Enrichment session for K-4 students which is over by 2:00 pm.

    In middle school, the day begins at 8:45 with a Community check-in during advisory in which attendance is recorded. There are ample breaks throughout the day to balance the screen time. The day will end at 3:15 (A/C days) and 3:30 (B days) for the remote world. Instructional time for middle school students remains at approximately 3.5 hours of instructional activities per day with ample time for office hours, small group and 1:1 check ins.
  • Will there be homework during Forward Remote?

    There will be no homework in the Forward Remote portion of the school year.
  • (K-4) Does my child need to attend Enrichment classes after lunch?

    In grades K-2 students have the option of attending the Enrichment class after lunch.
  • (MS) Will the classes be leveled?

    No. All classes (including math) will be taught heterogeneously and teachers will differentiate instruction and use learning tools to assist personalization.
  • How will MJS support the 8th grade student and the high school process?

    We support all 8th grade students and their families each year with special meetings to assist everyone in understanding the high school application process. Typically, these meetings take place at the end of the first month of school. However, because this year is unique, we will be scheduling our orientation for an earlier time closer to the beginning of the school year.
  • Will children from different grade levels have the same breaks in Remote?

    Students in grades K-4 will have a daily morning break from 10-10:30am and lunch at noon.

    Students in middle school will have a daily break from 10:15-10:30. Students will take their lunch from 12:00-12:30. However, please note that there will be ample break time during the day when students are given other breaks between classes or are not in need of Office Hours with their teachers.
  • Will there be any other time for children to socialize with different peers during the school day?

    There will be many opportunities in the remote world for students to be able to connect with other peers and students across grade levels. Examples include: Sixth graders will have the opportunity to read to kindergarten students once a week called K-Pals. We will also have Friday Families once a week for students in grades 1-8. At the grade level, the full class will come together for social-emotional learning and other advisory activities. We are also working on what co-curriculars we can offer during this year.
  • Will there be additional daily sign-ups for students who may need help? (K-4)

    We have designed the schedule so that “office hours” will be offered in the afternoon for students to meet in small groups and /or one on one with their teacher. We will schedule the office hours as we move into the school year.
  • How does PE work in remote learning and do I need to prepare equipment?

    PE lessons will include movement to develop motor skills in grades K-4. A PE kit will be going home with each child in K-4 to help with these skills. The kit will be included in your child’s supplies on the pick-up date.
  • How will parents be successful in managing remote learning?

    Our Technology Education Coordinator and our Dean of Academics will host self-paced and live parent education sessions to help parents navigate our platform, Schoology. The sessions will take place before September 2nd. We will also have the Help Desk available during the first week of school for parents to check in with any technology questions and/or needs. There will be a tech support button on the Parent Ed class on Schoology for a direct link to resources and a more direct way to contact tech support. In Lower School, a daily agenda will be posted with pictures to help you and your child manage the school day. When your child receives their Ipad, you and your child can read through a virtual book for tips on how to see Zoom links. Our schedule has certain anchor times where your child will leave the screen for snack and lunch. The times are 10-10:30am and noon for lunch. Communication with your child’s teacher is a priority so that if any needs arise, we can help.
  • Will we still have parent/teacher conferences and when?

    Parent-Teacher conferences will be held October 15-16.

Sample K-2 Remote Day

Note: PE will alternate after lunch on some days.
*Note: PE will alternate after lunch on some days.

Sample 3-4 Remote Day

Homeroom teachers will start the day with academic subjects. Order is determined by the grade level team.

*Note: PE and/or Performing Arts will alternate as well.

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