Putting Service and Learning Together

Service and giving are a part of our school’s fabric; they are essential to our identity and an expression of our faith in action. Whether it is bringing food or gifts to families in need during the holidays, creating awareness for shelter animals or promoting conservation through recycling initiatives, this commitment to outreach and service provides students with multiple opportunities to empathize, take action and develop a sense of global responsibility.

Our Service Learning Program, initiated in 2015, has advanced our commitment to this tradition of outreach while integrating academic and contemporary subject matter. Grade level themes come alive in different subject classes, performances and advisor/homeroom time, and build upon the interconnectivity within the world. Thoughtful reflection and presentation add a powerful personal dimension for each student.

These interdisciplinary experiences are designed to give students both voice and choice as they navigate process, build partnerships in the community and draw tangible connections throughout the curriculum. When students explore the history of an issue in English or Social Studies, analyze need and outcome in their math classes or express perspective in art class, they see the scope of real world problems, and gain the skills and information to develop a solution. Classwork takes on a renewed purpose as lessons stretch far beyond the classroom and learning happens both in the journey and the outcome.