Purposeful Learning

Crafting an Educational Vision Statement
At Mayfield Junior School, everything we plan for, propose, or aspire to, is guided by our Mission. It defines us and is the foundation where everything begins. It summarizes why we do what we do. Living the Mission is not just something we talk about when engaged in an evaluation such as WASC or Mission Effectiveness. It is rooted in our traditions, annual events, and even daily prayers.

Mayfield Junior School Mission
Mayfield Junior School, a Catholic independent school founded and sponsored by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, implements the philosophy of the Holy Child Schools which is based on trust and reverence for the dignity of every person. We are committed to the religious and educational development of each child and to maintaining a sense of community and family spirit that welcomes people of diverse backgrounds. At Mayfield each child is challenged to reach his or her potential. We encourage our students to respond to the needs of our time with compassion, integrity and confidence in God and in their own gifts.

If the Mission is the why we do what we do, the Educational Vision Statement written this fall is the what and how. Defining a vision for the student experience is a humbling task. How do you look forward, harnessing the current dynamic energy of education in a brief statement? From the beginning, it was clear we could not write for the future without being true to the past. The philosophy of Cornelia Connelly and the Goals of the Network Schools are part and parcel to any vision we hope to articulate because they provide both anchor and momentum. Our history here on Euclid Avenue was important to consider. And just as every moment contains the past, in every present is the promise of the future. What is currently working, as well as what needs to be improved. The evolution of programs, teaching and learning, tools and spaces. It all matters.

Perhaps most inspirational in the statement’s development was interpreting the environment, the learning context and accessibility, individual strengths, voice and choice, metacognitive or higher-level thinking with special notice to adaptability, and hard and soft skills. Then there is love of learning, joy in learning. When it comes down to it, no two students will have the same experience, but to provide that unique experience with care and opportunity - that is the goal.

The development of the statement initiated in a task force meeting- one that discussed the hope of a Mayfield education and what that looked like moving forward. Many voices were heard, including input from the entire faculty and staff to smaller groups reflecting on aspirations and core beliefs and finally choosing the right words. The result - a focused, inspirational vision with the success of each student at its core.

Mayfield Junior School Educational Vision Statement
Guided by our Holy Child heritage, we provide a distinctive educational experience that balances tradition and innovation in an intellectually challenging and creative environment. Students discover their best selves as they question, collaborate, and connect in a joyful community.

Mayfield Junior School

Located in Pasadena, California, Mayfield Junior School of the Holy Child Jesus is a K-8 Catholic coeducational private school. Our kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school experience best prepares students for high school education and beyond.