A Tradition Continues

Creative, resilient, and never shy of a challenge, the Mayfield community came together to continue the decades-long tradition of our Kindergarten Nativity Play. As they say, “The show must go on!” and so it did. With so many restrictions and safety precautions in this pandemic year, everything needed to be recreated at home. Kindergarten parents met the moment brilliantly. Homemade costumes, thoughtful backdrops, and careful video skills truly highlighted each child’s role and personality. Kindergarten teachers kept the timeline on track and offered support. Music teacher Kay Bowen provided guidance and encouragement in rehearsing the closing songs and careful editing skills by Performing Arts teacher Lisa Byrne, creatively wove the story together. Most meaningfully, the children showed grace and goodness in their performances.

2020 was definitely the year for team work, ingenuity and faith in the stage production that was first performed in 1935 under the patient guidance of Mother Mary Bede. Our traditions ground us, connect us and bring us joy. It is safe to say Mother Bede would have delighted in this year’s video version!

Click here to view the 2020 Kindergarten Nativity Play

Mayfield Junior School

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