The Mayfield Minute: Much More than News

They have covered sports, school events, MJS traditions, even the weather. The Mayfield Minute is a weekly news video, produced by a team of fifth graders each week. And although there is a format to follow, a template and even a tagline, each production has a personality and a unique viewpoint on the topic at hand.

Created by drama teacher, Lisa Byrne to enhance the fifth grade drama curriculum three years ago, the project has given students the opportunity to not only learn technical filming and editing production but also develop their storytelling skills. Can I tell this story better with photos or interviews? Will a voiceover or music improve this section? From choosing a topic to final cut students are challenged to consider these options plus prioritize, collaborate, condense and for those in front of the camera, speak with confidence. The best part? Each week students must reach out to others on campus - creating connections, expanding perspective and building community – for both the reporters and their audience.

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