A Path of Possibilities with Summer Reading

Tatiana Guyer, Librarian
Eight years ago, James Patterson and Rick Riordan held a children’s literature panel, and I’ll never forget what was said, “There’s no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books.”

At the heart of this statement is truth - give a child a voice and choice in books, and they will pursue their literature passions. Wandering a path of possibilities is what makes reading so amazing, dropping into the rabbit hole of stories of one’s own choosing.

Children seize summer as an opportunity to read a variety of titles, genres, and formats. They savor the beauty of a graphic novel. They let words wash over them with an audiobook. They nurture empathy reading diverse books. They revisit dog-eared favorite books. They seek out classic titles. They learn on blogs and databases. They expand horizons listening to podcasts. They make reading portable with devices. Their backpacks have books for reading on-the-go.

What can you do as a parent during the summer reading months? Be a book buddy. Carve out family time for books. Visit the library or bookstore. Go through the family bookcase and fill it with summer selections. Have book baskets in favorite reading spots. Download audiobooks and ebooks and fill up family devices with summer titles. Navigate educational databases together. Encourage your child to start their own book club. Bring out the artistic tools and let your child create their own stories. Have daily story time at home. Let your child read to family, friends, or their trusty pet. During family travels, plan a visit of literary landmarks. Read the book, then watch the movie or T.V. show.

At Hodgins Library, here at Mayfield, we see summer reading as our chance to share our book joy. Each grade-level is provided with suggested literature activities and booklists, to include in any summer reading game plan. Select a book as a family and read a few pages every day together. Schedule reading time, and choose a spot that inspires independent reading. No matter what you choose, your child will be motivated by having you beside them on their reading journey this summer.

Visit our MJS Summer Reading website for a curated list of books for each grade level.

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