Maureen Shea Memorial Tennis Tournament

Every Spring the tennis playing members of the extended Mayfield family gather to play in the Maureen Shea Memorial Tennis Tournament. The parent and child doubles tournament has grown to include grandparents, siblings, teachers, administrators and alumni players. In 2018, sixteen first-time participants joined with twelve returning players and sixteen alumni members.

Everyone enjoyed a delightful day of friendly competition, along with lunch and the ever popular “Hit For Prizes.” In the evening, players gathered at the Shea Family home to watch the "A" division finals, followed by the traditional Pie ‘N Burger dinner. Sixteen Shea family members from all over Southern California added to the welcoming family atmosphere that always fills Mrs. Shea’s spacious garden.

The 2018 Maureen Shea Tournament Winners

“A” Division:
Winner: Rebecca Leiva and Matthew Leiva
Runner-up: Samuel Symington and Scott Symington
Consolation Winner: Matthew Gamble and Alison Gamble

“B” Division:
Winner: Grace Gamble and Ashley Guerra
Runner-up: Katharina Zirn and Steffen Zirn
Consolation Winner: Peter Knight and Michelle Mendez

“C” Division:
Winner: Sarah Leiva and George Leiva
Runner-up: Kate Dolan and Rene Dolan
Consolation Winner: Amy Tanaka and Akiko Tanaka

Donna Martin Alumni Division:
Winner: Lauren Panajotovic and Harris Hall
Runner-up: Chandler Blevens and Chantal Garcia
Consolation Winner: Jacqueline Baggott and Mary Baggott

About Maureen Shea

Maureen Shea graduated from Mayfield Junior School in 1982. She was a member of the tennis teams at both Mayfield Junior and Senior Schools. Her life ended suddenly in an automobile accident in 1985. Coming from a large and caring family, we thought it would be appropriate to have a family tennis tournament as a loving tribute to Maureen. The names of the winners will be inscribed on the perpetual trophy donated by her family.

Many Thanks

For their continuing support of the tournament we wish to thank:

Mrs. Edmund Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Martin
Mr. Michael Osborn
    of Pie ‘n Burger
Mr. Terry Sanderson
    of Green Cuisine
Arroyo Seco Racquet Club
Mr. Randy Kramer
    of Racket Doctor

Contact the Tournament Director

Jon Wood
Shea Tournament Director

Previous Winners

Maureen Shea Division

1986 – Alton and Dr. Alton Shader
1987 – Alton and Dr. Alton Shader
1988 – Rocky and Mark McDonald
1989 – Nicole and Yvonne Gurash
1990 – Patrick Sheedy and Adam Bianchi
1991 – Adam Caton and Dr. Fortenesce
1992 – David and Todd Dickey
1993 – Brett and Gary Blasiar
1994 – Alex Ortiz and Rita Whitney
1995 – Andrew and Dr. Heiner Volgelbach
1996 – Andrew and Dr. Heiner Volgelbach
1997 – Andrew and Dr. Heiner Volgelbach
1998 – Jeffry Niedermeyer, Jr. and Sr.
1999 – Kevin and Tony Brazil
2000 – Jeffry Niedermeyer, Jr. and Sr.
2001 – Taylor and Chris Morphy
2002 – Taylor Morphy and Ashley Jones
2003 – Taylor and Chris Morphy
2004 – Hayden and Chris Morphy
2005 – Henry and Paul Anderson
2006 – Charlotte and Paul Anderson
2007 – Madeline and Stephen Watkins
2008 – Charlotte and Henry Anderson
2009 – Shea and Britt McConnell
2010 – Matthew and Paul Johnson
2011 – Camille and David Katz
2012 – Camille and David Katz
2013 – Carly and Harris Hall
2014 – Harry and Brett Foy
2015 – Sean and Harris Hall
2016 – Sean and Harris Hall
2017 – Trip and Halsey Smith

Donna Martin Alumni Division

1992 – Jack Gurash and Tim Maechling
1993 – Donna and Dennis Martin
1994 – Brett Blasiar and Matt Loop
1995 – Ashley and Alison Jones
1996 – Ashley and Alison Jones
1997 – Ashley and Alison Jones
1998 – Andrew and Dr. Heiner Volgelbach
1999 – Andrew and Dr. Heiner Volgelbach
2000 – Andrew and Dr. Heiner Volgelbach
2001 – Andrew and Dr. Heiner Volgelbach
2002 – Ellen Shea Dietrick and Jeff Niedermeyer
2003 – Kelly and Sharon Muir
2004 – Andrew and Dr. Heiner Vogelbach
2005 – Paul Anderson and Patty Niedermeyer
2006 – Matt Hoffman and Hayden Morphy
2007 – Paul and Liz Anderson
2008 – Donna Martin and Chandler Blevens
2009 – Matthew and Kevin Rossi
2010 – Shea McConnell and Nick Philo
2011 – Matthew Johnson and Matt Rossi
2012 – Matthew Johnson and Maureen McConnell
2013 – Matthew Johnson and Maureen McConnell
2014 – Shea McConnell and Nick Philo
2015 – Matthew and John Bea
2016 – Matthew and John Bea
2017 – Matthew Bea and Jeff Niedermeyer