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Welcome to Mayfield Junior School

MJS: Most Joyful School
As a joyful faith-filled community, what matters at Mayfield Junior School goes beyond traditional independent schools.

In the classroom students learn content through active engagement, inquiry-based reflection, critical thinking, and global and personal connections. Innovation matters at Mayfield.

In kindergarten through eighth grade, performing and visual arts are a strong component of the learning experience. Creativity matters at Mayfield.

Daily Morning prayers, Friday Families and special events offer time to gather and learn from one another. Community matters at Mayfield.

A commitment to community service, opportunities in student government and public speaking challenge students to be their best selves. Building character matters at Mayfield.

As a Catholic school spiritual development is an essential and vital part of student life. Faith matters at Mayfield.

Seventh and eighth graders organize and manage school events such as the Harvest Festival and Blue and White Day, and work together in team sports. Leadership matters at Mayfield.

Well prepared and confident, our graduates thrive in secondary school and beyond. The future matters at Mayfield.

Whether in the classroom, the athletic field or art studio, students are encouraged and guided by passionate, caring teachers, and are known and loved for who they are as individuals. Every child matters at Mayfield.

If you are interested in learning more about Mayfield please submit an online inquiry form and sign up for an Open House. Find out why our students and faculty call us MJS - Most Joyful School!

On behalf of the faculty and staff we look forward to sharing all that a Mayfield Junior School education can offer your child.

Lauren Marlis
Director of Enrollment
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Lauren Marlis
Director of Enrollment and Marketing
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