Sarah Ryan ’17

College: University of Notre Dame
Where did you work?
Fox News, Jesse Watters Primetime

What was your primary responsibility or significant project you worked on?
I researched, pitched, and booked guests for interviews with Jesse.     

Did your summer job/internship align with your college major? Did it change your thoughts on your future career path?    
I have a political science major and a journalism minor, so this internship did align nicely with my academic interests. 

What did you find the most enjoyable or most interesting part of your job?    
Getting to be behind the scenes of 24-hour news was the most interesting part. 
Was there a skill you learned at Mayfield that helped you do your job better?
Always being kind and respectful allowed me the opportunity to truly bond with my colleagues and meet many of the Fox News stars.     

What new skills did you acquire during your summer internship?
I learned to cut video clips and sound bites, write and set up television banners, and connect viewer logs with guest success rates.  
How did your summer job/internship contribute to your personal growth or self-confidence?
I lived in New York City for this internship, so I learned to live on my own in a very busy city and that it never hurts to put yourself out there and try new things. 

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