Faith Life

Mayfield Junior School
, as a Catholic school and a member of the Holy Child Network of Schools, is committed to the religious and educational development of each child and to maintaining a sense of community and family spirit.
 We endeavor to graduate students capable of making choices to enrich their own lives and contribute to the lives of others. Our school population includes families of various faith practices and beliefs. Every member of the school community is invited and encouraged to participate in the faith life of the school and service efforts.

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  • Masses

    Students participate in school masses and prayer services throughout the school year. Under the guidance of our Director of Religion, students minister as altar servers, lectors, and cantors taking on leadership roles in the liturgy. All students are encouraged to active participate in worship services and masses. Music, art, reenactments, movement, and symbolism are incorporated wherever possible.
  • Morning Prayer

    Every morning Mayfield Junior School students gather at the West Pavilion to begin the day together in prayer. Morning Prayer provides an opportunity for the entire school to worship together, and to pray for the Mayfield community as well as the many needs of the world.
  • Religion Classes

    Students study and learn to appreciate the Catholic religion beginning in kindergarten through the eighth grade. Throughout their years at Mayfield, students are encouraged to discover and strengthen their spirituality, and to understand their relationship with God. The religion program is designed to give students a strong foundation in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, moral values, and an awareness of their responsibility to act with integrity, kindness and compassion towards others. Faith in action is infused throughout the entire curriculum enriching and strengthening the students’ daily life.
  • Sacramental Program

    The sacramental program is the primary focus of religious instruction during the second grade year. Catholic students prepare for and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Students of other faiths are involved in the instruction and preparations, and are invited to join their classmates in the ceremony and celebration. Those students receive their own special blessing at the service.
  • Stations of the Cross

    Sixth graders lead the students, faculty and staff in a special live production of the Stations of the Cross each year on Holy Thursday. The entire community attends and is actively a participant through responses, prayers, songs and scripture.
"As a Mayfield Student, I accept responsibility for my actions and words. I honor God's creation and pledge to treat others with kindness, compassion, and respect."
~ Student Pledge