Educating the Whole Child

In the mid-19th century, Cornelia Connelly, founder of Holy Child Schools, profoundly stated that we must “educate for the wants of the age.”  It was her belief, in a constantly changing world that we must respond to each child as a “whole” person, encouraging, teaching, and helping them become the best person that they can be for today and tomorrow. Cornelia’s forward-thinking insights called for Holy Child educators to do both tasks – teach to the age and teach the whole child. Her wisdom and vision were generations ahead of her time. Today those same needs and concepts could not be more relevant. 

As a Holy Child school, Mayfield Junior School embraces the development of the integrated, whole person. Everything is learning.

    Joy in learning has been at the heart of our curriculum since we first opened in 1931. Following Cornelia Connelly's request to "lead by love," our program is designed as a balanced and integrated model, where creative opportunity, social interaction, physical activity, and critical thinking connect. With intention we provide the foundation for cognitive growth, intellectual curiosity, and the skills and confidence for success and happiness in school and life.

    A dynamic academic program that is student-centered, provides meaningful and relevant connections and focuses on process over product.

    Hands-on experiences that deepen cognitive, emotional, and social skills while inspiring an enduring enthusiasm for learning.

    Faith formation that initiates a lifelong spiritual foundation.

    Development of empathy and compassion through service opportunities at all grade levels.

    Health and physical education with a focus on training the mind, body and spirit for physical well-being, fitness, skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

    By nurturing creativity, students think outside the box, embrace uncertainty, and approach challenges with confidence and resilience.

    Life skills to give students the tools and confidence to succeed in high school and beyond.

    Wise decision making, leadership development, collaboration, growth mindset, empathy and systems thinking are well-integrated into the curriculum.