Physical Education and Athletics

Lower School
All Lower School students participate in physical education classes and athletic activities in their weekly schedule. With an emphasis on fun, healthy living, and fitness, students engage in basic movement and group play to grow physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially.

Middle School
The Middle School Athletics Program focuses on fundamental skills in the areas of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, and muscle coordination. The program emphasizes cooperative learning and teaches students motivational strategies such as goal setting and self-reflection, social interaction, problem solving, shared leadership, and challenge and risk in a safe environment. As students develop and mature, organized sports constitute a progressively larger part of the physical education program in middle school. Emphasis is given to the development of instruction and practice of team-based skills and the importance of sportsmanship. Students also engage in creative activities involving non-traditional sports to develop their self-confidence and establish a life-long commitment to fitness and health.

Mustang Sports

The Mayfield Junior School Interscholastic Athletic Program
is a voluntary program, open to all students in grades seven and eight, regardless of gender, race, or handicap. Mayfield belongs to the Middle School Independent League. Fifth and sixth graders are able to try out for golf, the “B” track and field team, and, the swim team.

Athletic letters are awarded to those students in the seventh and eighth grades who have participated in at least four sports throughout the school year.

Team Schedules

Upcoming Games