Teaching at Mayfield Junior School

The role of a teacher at Mayfield Junior School is guided by the wisdom of Cornelia Connelly and the tenets of Holy Child philosophy. A Holy Child education provides an environment of trust and respect; fosters spiritual and moral development; develops creativity and self-expression; challenges individuals to reach their full potential; nurtures both mind and heart.

You only need to walk the hallways, peer into classrooms or catch a discussion between colleagues to realize the commitment, sense of purpose, versatility, focus and stamina our teachers possess. Building trust is key. Finding a connection worth the effort. Engaging minds and inspiring hearts are common goals. A sense of humor is vital.

Whether experimenting with basic chemistry, discussing history and culture, defining the parts of a sentence or coaching soccer - whether second grade, fourth grade or seventh, each student is known and valued. Education is more than words and numbers. To teach at Mayfield Junior School is to recognize and encourage the possibilities within every child.

Faculty and Staff Directory

Professional Development

Mayfield Junior School supports and encourages the faculty and staff to continue their education through professional development opportunities. Many pursue advanced degrees or attend local, regional and national conferences. The professional growth program creates a community of scholars and promotes life-long learning.
"With a breadth of professional development opportunities and encouragement to teach to our skills, we are motivated to be the best we can be, and are afforded respect as professionals."

Jill Frazee | Middle School Faculty