Middle School 5-8

A Focus on Individual Growth

Student growth and relationship building are at the heart of the middle school experience at Mayfield Junior School. Our program is designed to be responsive to the academic and personal development of our students. This time of transition from childhood to adolescence should not just feel like a stepping stone to the next steps of a student’s educational journey. At Mayfield, middle school is a time when students learn persistence, grit, a love of learning, and how to lean on trusted adults.

Coupled with the core subjects like Humanities, Math, Science, and World Language we expect students to take courses in Religion, Physical Education, Drama, Music, Art, Technology, as well as Health and Personal Development.

Middle school is also a time when new learning experiences are introduced in the curriculum. The academic program expands and students have the opportunity to engage in elective courses, join co-curriculars, participate on athletic sports teams, perform in theatrical and musical productions, lead morning prayer, and support service learning activities.

Our teachers are caring adults who focus on what is aligned with our mission and what is best for students. As a culmination of the K-8 journey, our 8th graders are academically and personally prepared to transition into a college preparatory high school curriculum.

We are proud of the warm, caring, and spiritual learning community we have established. Please come visit our beautiful campus and experience it for yourself.