The Arts at MJS

At Mayfield, the arts are an essential part of a student’s overall educational experience. Students engage in collaboration and performance, develop confidence and skill in public speaking and presentation, and consider style, theme and tone as they experiment with various media. With arts integration throughout the curriculum student have many opportunities for creative expression and discovering their interests and talents in a supportive environment.

Lower School

The Lower School visual and performing arts program sparks creativity and introduces students to the fundamental elements of art, drama and music. Students explore the creative process through a series of engaging “hands on” projects and activities that encourage reflection, appreciation and participation.

In the visual arts, students learn the principle of design and art appreciation, which are the building blocks of a strong art foundation. Students have the opportunity to work in 2D and 3D forms such as drawing, painting, and sculptures using a variety of techniques and materials. In the music program, students gain an understanding of the fundamentals of music including melody, rhythm, tempo, meter, and basic musical notation. In the theater program, students develop an appreciation for storytelling, obtain new perspectives about the world in which they live, and gain confidence on stage through participation in annual performances. While dance is not a formal component of the arts department, creative movement and dance are reinforced within the drama program and applied in theater performances.

Middle School

The Middle School visual and performing arts program focuses on creative expression, expanding student understanding of artists and artistic style, and continuing developmental progression from learning fundamentals to a competency in artistic, theatrical, and musical skills. Many skills gained within the arts curriculum are drawn upon throughout the year in academic and service-learning based projects and presentations.

In the visual arts program, students explore a series of art forms and have multiple opportunities for individual expression, display and exhibition. In the theater program, students deepen their acting, directing, and producing skills. Students also have the opportunity to study theater-tech, design, and historical and cultural foundations of theater. Their culminating experience is participating in a musical that conveys their matured skills in theater, dance, and music. In the music program, middle school students explore composition, music technology, and create original songs that connect with cross-curricular subject matter, as well as advance in their instrumental skill set. Annual concerts at Christmas and in the spring provide opportunity for performance. Co-curricular and elective opportunities such as Chamber Choir and Rock Band extend the program for students interested in deepening their experience and skill.