Board of Trustees

Mayfield Junior School is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Trustees. Trustees are elected by the Board for three-year terms and can be re-elected once to a second three-year term. The Board of Trustees includes parents, past parents, alumni, members of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus and educators from other area schools. The Board is responsible for the financial viability of the school, long-range planning and adherence to the mission and philosophy. The day-to-day operations of the school are the responsibility of the Headmaster.

Board Committees

Much of the work of the Board is conducted through the following committees. As needed, Board members may also serve on special task committees for evaluations such as a WASC/CAIS/WCEA accreditation and Mission Effectiveness through the Holy Child Network of Schools.

Committee on Trustees
The Committee on Trustees selects and nominates candidates for Board membership and works with the Board chair to develop the Board calendar. The committee reviews and recommends revisions to the responsibilities of all Board committees and conducts the annual evaluation of the Board.

Facilities and Technology Committee
The Facilities and Technology Committee monitors the management of the School's facilities and institutional technology, works with the Directors of Facilities and Technology to identify needs requiring Board action and ensures the campus is safe, efficiently run and meets all applicable codes.

Advancement Committee
The Advancement Committee works with the Director of Advancement in supervising and coordinating all fund-raising efforts and activities, researches and identifies prospective donors and ensures that accurate and secure giving records are maintained by the advancement office.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the Board's officers, the Head of School and any additional trustees as elected by the Board of Trustees. The committee meets prior to each Board meeting to set timely agendas, acts in place of the full Board in emergencies and serves as the chief support to the Head of School.

Committee on Mission
The Committee on Mission focuses on upholding the school's Mission Statement by identifying necessary change as the "needs of our time" require, measuring the impact policy, diversity, costs, financial aid and new initiatives have on the accessibility, affordability and sustainability of the school, promoting a connection with the Holy Child Network of Schools, and working with the administration to communicate the Mission to both Mayfield families and the community at large.

Finance and Audit Committee
The Finance and Audit Committee assists the Board in overseeing and monitoring the School's accounting and financial reporting, audits of the financial statements, investments and financing of capital expenditures and financial performance and long-term financial planning.

Risk Management Committee
The Risk Management Committee annually reviews insurance coverage and policies, contracts including re-enrollment contracts, employee contracts, arbitration agreements and liability releases and safety policies and procedures. This committee then makes recommendations to the Board or Head of School for any changes or additions.

Board of Trustees 2023 - 2024

Jennifer Allen

Judy Bandari
Flora Birdzell
Jason Bridge
Jason Chan
Jessica Chu
Victoria Crigler
Hayley Hoffman English ’05
William Hayden ’83
Dennis Jebbia
Simone Porter Johnston ’92
Brad King
Rock Lei
Fr. Tony Marti, OFM Cap
Kerry Martin
Brent Mason
Steven Mena
Jennifer Neumayer
Hazim Rabadi
Marlin Smith

France White, SHCJ (Ex-Officio)

School personnel
Joe Sciuto, Head of School