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  • Twenty Minutes with Teachers: Latin

    Fortis fortuna adiuvat.
    Fortune favors the brave.
    And you, dear Latin students, are the brave!! Welcome to a three-year journey with this sometimes wily and always intriguing language.

    Such are the words of encouragement that greet students as they start Latin as sixth graders in Ms. Frazee’s class.
  • Space to Feel Grounded

    In middle school, there is so much shifting, different classes and teachers, changing social groups, the metamorphosis of adolescence. In all of this change, the Middle School (Grades 5-8) Advisory Program here at Mayfield is designed as a home base – a space (both literally and figuratively) to feel grounded.
  • Design Lab Encourages Sustainable Change

    How does one person initiate change? Seventh grade Design Lab students know learning from experts is an essential component of design thinking. Who better to talk about motivation and process, share challenges and successes, then someone who is experienced with it all.
  • The Kindergarten Year: Friday Rotations

    Although every day is an adventure in kindergarten, Fridays are extra special.
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