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  • More Joyful

    At Mayfield we are proud to be a joyful community. This joy increases ten-fold in December. Call it holiday spirit or Christmas magic – there is a little extra something in our smiles and steps from the first lighting of the Advent wreath to the Christmas Prayer service before students leave for break.
  • Crafting an Educational Vision

    Defining a vision for the student experience is a humbling task. How do you look forward, harnessing the current dynamic energy of education in a brief statement?
  • Perspective: A Shared Spirit

    Connelly Center is a small, inner-city school, while Holy Child Rye sits on a sprawling campus covered with foliage and grand buildings--they both felt familiar. What do our three schools have in common?
  • Twenty Minutes with Teachers: Latin

    Fortis fortuna adiuvat.
    Fortune favors the brave.
    And you, dear Latin students, are the brave!! Welcome to a three-year journey with this sometimes wily and always intriguing language.

    Such are the words of encouragement that greet students as they start Latin as sixth graders in Ms. Frazee’s class.
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