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  • Celebrating the Arts!

    A Holy Child education centers around the idea that learning and growth come from experience, thoughtful contemplation, and the nurturing of individual gifts. At Mayfield, the arts program and arts integration provide powerful opportunities for students to thrive.
  • Prayer Hands and Happy Hearts

    With prayer hands held to happy hearts, the second graders received the Sacrament of First Eucharist on Saturday, April 27. Months of preparation lead up to this day.
  • Viewpoint: The Impact of a Teacher

    When I discovered Mayfield, I knew I found a place in which I could coach and coax the best out of students. Where I would help students find their best selves and assist them on their journey of self-discovery- which is the essence of a Holy Child education.
  • Dr. Jane Goodall Inspires MJS Students

    We were blessed to have Dr. Jane Goodall as a special guest in early April. Her life's work and continuing efforts to protect and conserve the natural world inspired our community.
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