Serving Others

At Mayfield, reaching out to serve others has been embedded in our mission for the last nine decades. We have a thriving Reach Out program where grade levels sponsor programs that direct charitable offerings to historically underrepresented communities or those most in need due to poverty, violence, or emergencies.

In addition, our program incorporates another critical component in educating our youth about serving others and the world: Service Learning. Service Learning is relational, collaborative, and inclusive. In kindergarten, our students participate in a year-long project  integrating animal welfare and awareness education across subject matters. In the Middle School, service learning led by our student leadership club: Helping Hands, has embarked on an environmental  education and awareness project working toward a future zero waste campus.

The Reach Out and Service Learning programs provide students with multiple opportunities to empathize, take action, and develop a sense of global responsibility.

Video courtesy of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Reach Out and Service Learning

Catholic Social Teaching: The Church’s social teachings are about building a just society within the challenges of modern society. These teachings have been expressed in papal, conciliar, and other documents and include respecting the Life and Dignity of the Human Person and the Care for God’s Creation, among others.

Reach-Out: Our foundational program of providing services and support to organizations within the community. Reach Out events and projects are organized at the grade level and often school-wide. After a year of Reach-Out, there is a culminating assembly to share reflections on learning and provide financial support to student-selected organizations.

Service Learning: As its name implies, learning is completed through service and is not the same as charitable events like collection, cleanup, or donation. With careful curriculum design and collaboration with community partners, successful Service Learning is most impactful when students (and all constituents) understand what it means to actively and humanely contribute to the common good. Learning through service is relational, collaborative, and inclusive.

Servant Leadership: A leadership style in which the leaders aim to serve, putting the community's interests before the self. At Mayfield, students learn the tenets of servant leadership and practice learning to serve.