The Mayfield Fund is Mayfield's cornerstone fundraising initiative and supports the school's current operating budget. Gifts to the Mayfield Fund provide immediate resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and fortify the strong educational experience offered at MJS.

Every gift to the Mayfield Fund makes an impact at Mayfield Junior School.

Mayfield Fund Designations

Mayfield Fund designations give you the opportunity to designate your dollars to the area of Mayfield that resonates with you while supporting programs that are at the heart of a Mayfield education. A gift to any of these areas, or to where the need is greatest, supports the current school budget and ensures a continued tradition of excellence.

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  • Area of Greatest Need

    An unrestricted gift allows Mayfield to utilize your contribution where it is most vitally needed, directly benefitting students through the support of faculty, staff, and programs.
  • Athletics

    Supports the physical growth and development of Mayfield students and teaches the importance of fitness and health. The athletic and physical education programs emphasize cooperative learning while instilling motivational strategies, leadership skills and self-confidence in each child.
  • Faith Formation

    Supports the religious and spiritual development of each child and instills a sense of community and family in all aspects of a Mayfield education. Faith life is fostered through morning prayer, masses, religion classes, retreats, and sacramental programs.
  • Fine and Performing Arts

    Enhances opportunities for Mayfield students to participate in programs such as drama, music, and visual arts. The integration of art in a child’s education encourages the discovery and development of creative potential and individual talents in a supportive environment.
  • Tuition Assistance

    Supports Mayfield’s commitment to enroll students with a diversity of talents, backgrounds, and experiences by providing tuition supplementation to families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend Mayfield.

The Mayfield Fund supports faculty and students through the school’s operating budget. In the unlikely case directed contributions exceed a fund’s budgeted limit, Mayfield Junior School reserves the option to direct the use of such funds to the area of greatest need.

The 1931 Circle

Established to honor Mayfield Junior School’s founding year, The 1931 Circle recognizes donors who have made a leadership gift to the Mayfield Fund.

Members are recognized in the annual report of donors, invited to leadership events and thanked for their commitment to supporting Mayfield Junior School’s annual needs.

The Giving Partners

Giving Partners demonstrate their philanthropic partnership with Mayfield Junior School with annual donations of $5,000 or greater to the Mayfield Fund. We recognize the following Giving Partner levels:

$20,000  Holy Child Partners
$10,000  Mayfield Partners
$5,000    Head of School Partners

In addition to the benefits of The 1931 Circle, Giving Partners are invited to exclusive leadership donor events, and receive special communication from school leadership.

The Cornelia Connelly Society

The Cornelia Connelly Society celebrates the loyalty of donors who have made gifts to the Mayfield Fund for five or more consecutive years, and by doing so carry on the commitment to Holy Child education of the society’s namesake, Cornelia Connelly.

We celebrate the following qualifying levels based on the number of consecutive years giving:

Lifetime: 20 or more years
Cornerstone: 10-19 years
Milestone: 5-9 years

The Cornelia Connelly Society acknowledges that every gift, regardless of size, truly makes an impact at Mayfield Junior School.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the Mayfield Fund?

    The Mayfield Fund is Mayfield Junior School’s top fundraising priority. It raises critical philanthropic dollars to support the daily operations of the school during the current academic year. The Mayfield Fund represents up to 10% of Mayfield’s operating budget and allows the school to fully achieve its mission.
  • Why does Mayfield have a Mayfield Fund?

    As an independent school, Mayfield is funded through a combination of tuition and donor support. Philanthropic gifts are necessary because a Mayfield education offers students access to more than tuition dollars allow. Each year, the Mayfield Fund is our most important initiative because funds raised are used for the school’s most pressing, urgent needs and support the school's current operating budget. Unlike tuition payments, donations to the Mayfield Fund allow our community to provide budget dollars via tax deductible donations.
  • Why is my participation important?

    At any level, participation in the Mayfield Fund is a vote of confidence in our school, our faculty, and our educational mission. Your participation encourages others to join you in supporting the school. Strong annual giving is a benchmark used by foundations and corporations when determining grant recipients.
  • Can I specify where my money is spent?

    While all gifts to the Mayfield Fund are unrestricted, Mayfield’s family of funds allows our donors to direct their support within the Mayfield Fund to one of five areas the school has identified as core pillars of Mayfield Junior School. Gifts to the Mayfield Fund may be directed to the following:
    • Area of Greatest Need
    • Faith Formation
    • Athletics
    • Fine and Performing Arts
    • Tuition Assistance
    No matter which area you choose, your gifts support the current school year budget and maintains Mayfield’s tradition of excellence.
  • Why is support for the Area of Greatest Need so important?

    Gifts to the Area of Greatest Need provide Mayfield the flexibility to use the money where it is most vitally needed, from curriculum and classroom materials to facility maintenance and repairs to hiring experienced and highly qualified faculty and staff. The Mayfield Fund supports all corners of Mayfield Junior School, from the campus to the people to the programs. Unrestricted giving ensures that all aspects of the MJS experience are appropriately funded.
  • Why is early support so important to the school?

    A gift or pledge early in the year is advantageous because it enables Mayfield to know how much money will be available to support the current school year’s budget. The earlier we receive your gift, the earlier we can put it to work for our students.
  • How do I make a gift to the Mayfield Fund?

    You can make your annual donation in the following ways:
    • Go online to to make a secure donation via credit card or mobile wallet.
    • Mail a check to the Advancement Office at 405 S. Euclid Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101
    • Call the Advancement Office at 626-229-2117
    • Provide a gift of Stock or Securities. Contact the Advancement Office for more information.
    • Check with your employer to see if you might be able to take part in a Matching Gift Program.
  • Can I pay my Mayfield Fund pledge with payments?

    Donors may choose to fulfill their pledge using an installment plan. Many donors find that utilizing monthly or quarterly payments makes their donation more manageable than giving in one lump sum. You may set up monthly payments at or contact the Advancement Office at 626-229-2117 to discuss the payment option that would be best for you.
  • I give to Mayfield Junior School in other ways, such as the Benefit. Why should I also give to the Mayfield Fund?

    There are many opportunities to support Mayfield Junior School and your participation is greatly appreciated. The Mayfield Fund is always Mayfield’s top fundraising priority, as your gift goes to work immediately to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and fortify the strong educational experience offered at MJS. Your Mayfield Fund contribution directly benefits the students, faculty, staff, and programs. Funds raised through the Benefit are directed to the MJS Endowment, which provides long-term financial support for Mayfield.

Mayfield Fund Donor Lists

Contact the Advancement Office

Linda Bass
Advancement Services Coordinator
626.796.2774 ext. 2213

Anna Longstaff
Director of Advancement

Kristin Nicastro
Parent Engagement and Events Manager

Timithie Norman
Senior Associate Director of Advancement

Adrianna Schuster
Associate Director of Advancement - Major Gifts and Alumni Relations