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  • June

    Celebrating the Class of 2019

    The journey continues for the next class of MJS graduates.
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  • May

    Our Spiritual Center

    As the Chapel renovation nears completion, we celebrate how this symbol of our faith, this spiritual center, has been an important part of our history and heritage.
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  • Celebrating the Arts!

    At Mayfield, the arts program and arts integration provide powerful opportunities for students to thrive.
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  • Prayer Hands and Happy Hearts

    With prayer hands held to happy hearts, the second graders received the Sacrament of First Eucharist on Saturday, April 27. Months of preparation lead up to this day.
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  • Viewpoint: The Impact of a Teacher

    Bridget Kelley-Lossada, Middle School Director
    When I discovered Mayfield, I knew I found a place in which I could coach and coax the best out of students. Where I would help students find their best selves and assist them on their journey of self-discovery- which is the essence of a Holy Child education.
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  • April

    Dr. Jane Goodall Inspires MJS Students

    We were blessed to have Dr. Jane Goodall as a special guest in early April. Her life's work and continuing efforts to protect and conserve the natural world inspired our community.
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  • February

    An Extraordinary Day Together

    Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day is always extraordinary. Hands held, hearts bursting with pride – joyful sharing at mass, activities in the classroom, lovely food– a beautiful day together.
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  • January

    Building Community on Campus

    With the goals of working together to help others, listening to each other and sharing good times, School Families thrive; building friendships across age groups and developing the idea of community from the tallest to the smallest.
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  • A Bright and Joyful Spirit: Celebrating Cornelia

    Cornelia Connelly may have never walked the hallways and courtyards of our Mayfield campus yet her spirit and deep commitment to the possibilities within education have been lovingly sustained and passed on by the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus who opened our school in 1931.
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