Purposeful Learning

To Begin Again
I think it is safe to say that each of us is on our own unique Hero’s Journey right now. Made popular by mythologist Joseph Campbell (and Marvel), I feel like it has never been more apt than now. Perhaps it is ok that the movie industry has paused a bit. We may not need Marvel super heroes right now. We are our own heroes. - Bridget Kelley-Lossada, Middle School Director

Like many other schools across the nation, Mayfield Junior School is placing an emphasis on safety and starting the 2020-2021 school year on September 2 with remote learning. Are we hoping to bring our students back to campus as soon as possible? That is a resounding yes. Our community thrives on the joyful spirit and supportive interaction of being together. Knowing that getting back together, especially in these complicated times, would require more of us, more of our students and their families, we have focused since June on designing a comprehensive back to school plan that is responsible, flexible, and most importantly, mission-driven.

All summer administrators have met with a mix of parents and faculty members in four designated task forces covering everything from the big picture of Scenario Planning, preparing the campus with Health and Safety enhancements and protocols, the Academic Program and Finance, and Budget. Their work and other important information are published here, on our website, on the Ever Forward: Back to School Planning page, which includes frequently asked questions and a printable PDF of the plan.

All the benefits of a Mayfield education: the opportunity to discover, collaborate and create, challenges and encouragement, voice and choice, and the development of faith and compassion have not changed as we navigate an altered structure and delivery to ensure the well-being of our students and community. Our goal has been to design for Consistency with Flexibility. With this in place, strong learning will happen in any scenario, whether remote, on-campus, or a bit of both. It is an opportunity to do school differently and advance. We have found treasure in building a program that we hope will be resilient in its design and enable us to slide back and forth as our realities shift with the ebb and flow of public health circumstances.

As always, our focus in on the individual, whole child and providing a balance of academics and enrichment central to our mission. The schedule includes regular times dedicated to religion, physical education, and the arts. These disciplines don’t just disappear in a global pandemic. Many would argue that they become even more essential as we continue to foster a variety of ways for children to explore and process the world while helping them find their unique way to express their experiences.

As the first day of school approaches, there will be many emotions to process, schedules to learn, and procedures to understand. An open heart, faith, and a positive mindset open the possibilities for success. Assume best intentions, help others get what they need, be more curious than certain, try new ways of being/doing - We are all in this together. The Hero’s Journey, as described in the opening quote, is ultimately a cycle. And it is about to begin again this new year. We are brave and ready.

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