Actions not Words

The Year of Hard Things
On the first day of school with her first-grade cohort, teacher Kissy Linao started her first Zoom meeting with an affirmation: We can do hard things. It wasn’t that Ms. Linao felt pessimistic about starting school. On the contrary, she felt energized and excited about the opportunity for creativity in teaching online. However, she did know that remote learning can be difficult for young children, even under the best circumstances. Communication skills, technology and new software, all pose challenges, not to mention stamina, focus, and attention span. More than anything, Ms. Linao hoped her students would start the year embracing a positive mindset. Not one that masks difficulties and ignores the inevitability of upset, but one that accepts the need for patience, added effort, and that often things may be- well, hard.

In many ways, this is how we all began the school year. After months of planning and preparation, here we are in our second week. A few hiccups but mostly success, and optimism is strong as we look forward to the ever-closer possibility we can physically bring students and teachers together on campus. As a community, we forge ahead like brave adventurers, energized and on the alert for unseen obstacles and unpredictable moments. Knowing that effort can empower, that challenge makes us stronger, and there is good work to be done. We have an inspiring mission and community belief in the hallmarks of Holy Child education. We have creative and innovative teachers and courageous and confident students. As in any year, we will encourage student agency and deeper thinking in our academic program, celebrate our many traditions, help others, and embrace the opportunity in every experience.

We have the momentum to move forward and look forward with the same positive mindset Ms. Linao instills in her first graders. The year of hard things is going to be great.

Mayfield Junior School

Located in Pasadena, California, Mayfield Junior School of the Holy Child Jesus is a K-8 Catholic coeducational private school. Our kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school experience best prepares students for high school education and beyond.