Celebrating the Arts!

A Holy Child education centers around the idea that learning and growth come from experience, thoughtful contemplation, and the nurturing of individual gifts. At Mayfield, the arts program and arts integration provide powerful opportunities for students to thrive. Each spring we celebrate the arts on campus with multiple performances and presentations that showcase the cumulative growth and success of the year’s work and development.

The celebration began last week with a casual outdoor concert featuring our first and second graders and yesterday the kindergarten class presented their traditional Noah’s Ark Play to welcome the next incoming kindergarten class. There is so much more to come! Third grade ukuleles, sixth grade history performances of “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey,” fourth grade instrumentalists, our stunning annual art show featuring art work from every grade level, a workshop production of “The Jungle Book” and the Spring Concert 2019 “La Vie En Rose.”

Celebrating the arts!