Notes from the Headmaster: Look to Tomorrow with Gladness

Joseph J. Gill

Here at Mayfield Junior School we have many chances, both big and small, to celebrate throughout the year. We all feel the energy and fun of the Harvest Festival and show our respect on Mother Cornelia’s birthday and the anniversary of the founding of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. Our students engage and enjoy the experience of Mosaic Month and the all-school highlight of the spring, Blue and White Day. There is a constant flow of celebrations and important events.

However, it is clear that our community is truly transformed and moved through the celebration of the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is essential that we all realize that this is far more than an annual routine of parties, events and lessons. Reliving the Savior’s birth serves as a powerful reminder that He is the essential element in why we are all together at Mayfield. It is what happened that day, two thousand years ago, that gave us the hope and love that has formed the intentions and promise of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Over the generations there have been traditions and practices that have been connected to different cultures and societies. Peoples of different nations and different Christian religions have discovered and maintained their own ways of keeping the story alive. The one constant, the single common variable, is the importance of celebrating the gift we all received that day.

May we all keep the true meaning of His birth in our heart, spirit and mind as we continue through our own remembrance of this miracle. Be joyful in accepting the blessings that come with the belief that Our Savior was born and look to tomorrow with gladness.

Wishing you all a blessed, holy and joyous Christmas and wonderful New Year.

Mayfield Junior School

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