Prayer Hands and Happy Hearts

With prayer hands held to happy hearts, the second graders received the Sacrament of First Eucharist on Saturday, April 27. Months of preparation lead up to this day. The sacramental program is the primary focus of religious instruction in second grade and begins at the start of the school year. Students learn about forgiveness and contrition as they prepare for First Reconciliation in February and begin learning the parts of the Mass as they look forward to First Eucharist in the spring. Although not every second grader is Catholic, all are invited to share in the preparations and have an active part in the ceremony.

First Eucharist has been celebrated at Mayfield nearly every year since the first ceremony with only two communicants on May 5, 1932. As is tradition, the girls wear a white pinafore and veil and the boys arrive for Mass in concert dress jacket and tie. It is always a joyous occasion and the children show tremendous grace and reverence in their participation.

As they complete this yearlong journey of faith and renewal the entire Mayfield community shares in the celebration.

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