Cynti Lewis Oshin ’74

Cynti Oshin ’74 credits the foundation of her Mayfield Junior School education with helping her develop a creative mindset to address the challenges of an ever-changing and fast-moving world. As a business owner, this has proven to critical to her success.

Your firm, OSHIN Studios has worked with some of the biggest and well-known brands. What drives your strategy when working with these clients?
What interests us, as a digital design and marketing firm, is the place where technology meets design. We’re always thinking about what’s coming up in digital and bring that to the brands we work with from Fortune 500s like the Ritz Carlton, PayPal and Live Nation/House of Blues to startups leveraging crypto-currency. We emphasize curiosity and learning about new platforms so we can build unique experiences project to project for our clients.

OSHIN Studios is in a dynamic, fast-paced and ever-changing environment, what keeps your competitive edge?
“We can’t rest on the past, what was relevant or useful even 12 months ago may be ineffective today. In the past ten years, we’ve seen the shift from desktop to mobile. From non-responsive to responsive design. Now it’s another big leap. This time to augmented and virtual reality. Looking forward, immersive platforms will be integrated with our everyday lives, just like how the Internet and Smartphones are today. We are excited to work with our clients, moving them into these forward-leaning new opportunities. AR, VR, mixed reality, and 3D all have the potential to widen our view. Today most of us are very screen-focused, usually absorbed, heads down, staring at our phones. With immersive technology, we’ll be able to engage with information with our full field of vision. We won’t be as siloed by our screens or from each other. We’ll be able to share our AR experiences readily or jump into a VR scene together."

Sam Oshin, your Creative Director, drives the philosophy and creative edge that sets you apart from other marketing firms in your industry – in a few words tell me about what that means?
“My partner perfectly distills what it is we strive to do everyday at OSHIN: Future proofing brands for a world that’s never moved faster; that is exactly what we strive for!”

As you look forward in your business, how do you imagine the future?
“It’s a hopeful place: moving from narrower sightlines to a new kind of openness. Our team at OSHIN remains open to how wide the future can be and getting right in there to create new channels of engagement for our clients.”

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