Richard Sullivan Engels ’06

What have you done (personally and professionally) since you graduated from Mayfield?
After MJS I attend John Marshall High School and pushed myself academically by enrolling in AP classes and pursued my interest in sports by playing baseball. At Chico State, I majored in Journalism and got involved outside of the classroom by writing for the school paper. After graduating, I followed my passions for sports and journalism and got a job writing a blog for the Los Angeles Dodgers minor leaguers, started a podcast focused on the LA sports scene, and worked for ABC7 as a production assistant. Today, I cover sports around Kansas, but mainly out of the capital city of Topeka for KSNT.

What is your favorite Mayfield memory?
My favorite Mayfield memories involved playing on the various sports teams, participating in Blue & White Day, and the tradition of MJS Families. I was even around when the Field first opened and being one of the first classes that got to play on it. Another memory was playing a basketball game at STAPLES Center against Chandler. Our class had great athletes that went on to play at the college and pro level. Oh yah, and I had the lead role in my 8th-grade play, “Guys and Dolls.”

Who was your favorite Mayfield teacher and why?
Some of my favorite teachers were Mr. Tuttle, Mrs. Holtsnider, and Mrs. Kelley-Lossada.

If you could go back to MJS, what grade would you do over again and why?
If I could redo anything from MJS, I wish I would have paid more attention in Mr. Hill’s French class and in English classes as those writing skills would have come in handy with my current career path.

How has your Mayfield education contributed/influenced who you’ve become (personally and professional)?
I started MJS in 6th grade and to this day still talk with four of my best friends. When I reflect on my experience at Mayfield, I feel that being surrounded by such a strong community encouraged me to challenge myself and hold myself to a higher standard. At MJS, I was able to thrive athletically and undergo personal growth.

What do you consider to be your greatest/proudest accomplishment?
My career! And working in the field covering NFL, MLB and NBA teams. I love bringing together my passion for sports and love of journalism together on a daily basis.

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