Eric Rojas ’98

What have you done (personally and professionally) since you graduated from Mayfield?
My career has been focused on helping non-profit and governmental institutions find innovative ways to reach their audiences, and find ways to communicate meaningful stories. I’m currently working at a Washington, DC-based consultancy, ParsonsTKO, as a senior strategist. We help mission-driven institutions lay foundations for continued success, particularly focusing on digital engagement and change management. More directly, we help these organizations find the best ways to use the technologies they’ve invested in, and work to ensure that leadership and staff are empowered to their potential. Prior to my consultancy work, I spent nearly a decade in digital marketing and fundraising at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, here in Washington, DC. I also worked at Boston University as a web designer while in graduate school, and at the Gerson Lehrman Group as a research associate straight out of college. I received an MA in International Relations and International Communication from Boston University, and a BA in Philosophy and a BS in Political Science from Santa Clara University. While I left Pasadena after high school and haven’t lived there permanently since, I will always call it home and return whenever I can to see my family and friends. Personally, I’m deeply invested in the communities I live in, becoming a participant and activist when engaged.

What is your favorite Mayfield memory?
Grandparent’s Day was always a treat. From San Gabriel to Ithaca, NY, my grandmothers would travel far and wide to participate. It is a cherished memory.

Who was your favorite Mayfield teacher and why?
So many – Mrs. Holmes, Ms. Wong, Mr. Pratt, Mrs. Holtsnider. These wonderful teachers gave me the confidence and empowerment to explore my intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom

What advice would you pass on to a current Mayfield student?
Stay kind, stay curious.

Name one thing you learned at Mayfield and have never forgotten.
Cherish your community and the connections you make. I strive to create community in my work and everywhere I go, and stay connected to the ones from the past.

How has your Mayfield education contributed/influenced who you’ve become (personally and professional)?
Through the support of my parents, friends, and teachers, my dedication to service and focus on continual education was encouraged. I am forever grateful for the empowerment I received from my time at Mayfield, and those who supported me at that time.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be me – constantly evolving, changing, reflecting. Mayfield encouraged that and my ability to be empathetic and grow.

Do you still eat your favorite childhood snack? Or What was your favorite childhood snack?
On occasion, we were able to go to Lucky Boy after school, or maybe even for lunch on very special occasions. It’s still an institution. When I go back to visit my family in Pasadena, I freeze and bring breakfast burritos back to the East Coast for those days that I’m really missing home. Always a treat to explain to TSA that you’re bringing a couple frozen breakfast burritos with you. The real ones get it.

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