Sophia Labrador ’17

College: University of Notre Dame

Where did you work?
Golub Capital, Financial Services

What was your primary responsibility or significant project you worked on?
I was a business analyst intern in Golub Capital's Technology Solutions department. My summer long project was to build an asset level summary report that automated data collection. I also ended the summer with a presentation on my project to the entire Technology Solutions department.

Did your summer job/internship align with your college major? Did it change your thoughts on your future career path?

I am a computer science major. Therefore, I possessed the technical and analytical skills for my business analyst position. However, my internship taught me so much about financial services and specifically private credit. I've gained a greater appreciation of finance and want to deepen my understanding of business. Particularly, I am interested in learning about entrepreneurship and innovation. Therefore, I am interested in the intersection between computer science and business and hope to pursue a career in fintech.

What did you find the most enjoyable or most interesting part of your job?    
The most interesting part of my job was the development phase in my project lifecycle. I felt that I could exercise the most creativity in development. Further, I extremely enjoyed being in-person and in the office. I learned the most when I was able to speak to people, both in and outside my department.

Was there a skill you learned at Mayfield that helped you do your job better?
The 7 Holy Child goals have always served as a great framework in my life after Mayfield. During my internship, they guided me in being a more understanding and empathetic co-worker.

What new skills did you acquire during your summer internship?
I learned new technical skills like SQL and PowerBI. I also greatly improved upon many soft skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, and prioritization.

How did your summer job/internship contribute to your personal growth or self-confidence?
Through my internship, I've become more confident in my abilities as a communicator and fast learner. I am more comfortable talking to people I do not know well and I am more willing to ask more questions. Additionally, my final presentation helped my hone my public speaking skills.

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