Carter Link ’16

College: Southern Methodist University

Where did you work?
Hunt Realty Investments - Commercial Real Estate Development

What was your primary responsibility or significant project you worked on?
I worked primarily on two main projects. First was our 2500-acre development located in Frisco, TX. Located on and around the development will be PGA of Americas National headquarters and Universal Studios' first-ever kid's theme park. The site is a mixed-use development consisting of single and multi-family neighborhoods, offices, and various retail components. It will have 25 miles of bike trails. My primary responsibility in terms of football was being a utility player. I worked on everything on this project from working with general contractors, creating PowerPoint decks for city council meetings, making amortization spreadsheets for sizable loans, creating budgets for the entire development, to creating financial models. The second project was the sight of Goldman Sachs second largest headquarters outside Manhattan.

Did your summer job/internship align with your college major? Did it change your thoughts on your future career path?
Yes, it did align with my major which is Economics w/ Financial Applications. It definitely opened my eyes to what I may want to do in the future. My hope is to work here at Hunt in the future.

What did you find the most enjoyable or most interesting part of your job?    
The most interesting part of the job was the amount of knowledge and discussion that I learned that goes in to design of a building like Goldman Sachs and or the planning that goes into putting 8 miles of road through a massive development like Fields.

Was there a skill you learned at Mayfield that helped you do your job better?
Work Hard. Mayfield instills in you that you need to work hard to be successful in this world and nothing will be handed to you. Either in the classroom or on the football field.

What new skills did you acquire during your summer internship?
Underwriting, Financial modeling, understanding of massive LOI and Lease agreements.

How did your summer job/internship contribute to your personal growth or self-confidence?
This internship was a great experience for my personal growth in learning how to take constructive criticism and learn from my mistakes to be better the next time around on a new project.

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