Hayden Eaves ’16

College: Penn State University

Where did you work?
Glenwild Golf Club and Spa, Golf Industry

What was your primary responsibility or significant project you worked on?    
Primary responsibility was answering phone calls, making tee times, club repair, assisting with scoreboard creation for tournaments.

Did your summer job/internship align with your college major? Did it change your thoughts on your future career path?    
My summer internship has aligned with the career path that I have picked. I have known that this is what I wanted to do when I applied to Penn State in 2019. 

What did you find the most enjoyable or most interesting part of your job?        
The most enjoyable part of my internship was interacting with the members and my co-workers each day. Finding the right group of people to be around makes my job feel less like a job and more of something that I enjoy doing.  
Was there a skill you learned at Mayfield that helped you do your job better?
One thing that I learned when I was younger was just to be friendly and respectful. Having those two things at Mayfield has definitely benefited me in my current job and I feel like the teachers that I had at Mayfield helped instill those behaviors when I was in class.     

What new skills did you acquire during your summer internship?
New skills that I acquired revolve around the golf world. Those skills include running a tournament, creating scorecards, and understanding the merchandise buying process.

How did your summer job/internship contribute to your personal growth or self-confidence?
My summer internship increased my knowledge within the golf industry and helped me become more organized, accountable, and communicative. 

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